Move for charity – Exercise for the benefit of others

Data Respons Solutions is a health aware and health promoting company that encourages and enables exercise and physical activity for all employees whether it be at or outside the workplace.

Regular exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental health and we have, for many years now, worked with well renowned former professional cyclist Mads Kaggestad and Avantas Active. Through the Avantas Active app we register individual and team efforts. Low threshold exercise – such as walking – is the most commonly registered activity. We also have an active company sports team and encourage participation in miscellaneous local runs, relay races, bike & ski races.

We take our SHE targets seriously, and our goal is 85 % in physical activity participation and a sick leave of max 2.5 %. After 14 years of systematically following up, promoting and encouraging exercise, we decided to up the ante and established Move for Charity, a project where we exercise for something greater than ourselves and for the benefit of others. For every hour our employees exercise, we make a donation to a charity of their choice.

For 2019 The Children’s Cancer Society was chosen and together we have raised NOK 34 600.

About The Children’s Cancer Society

The Children’s Cancer Society is a nationwide volunteer organisation run by the parents of children who have had or still have cancer.

Each year, about 180 children aged 0–18 in Norway develop some form of cancer. The Children’s Cancer Society has approximately 1 600 family members and approximately 2 600 support members and initiate programs and activities together with government authorities and hospitals to improve the rights and conditions of children with cancer and their families.

We work extensively with information about childhood cancer that we share with families, kindergartens, schools and others. We also own apartments near regional hospitals that are available to the families of children being treated at these hospitals.

«Thank you so much for your efforts and support through Move for Charity.
What sporty people you are! The money you have raised is truly a gift for the future and a gift that takes us one step closer to our goal that no child should die of cancer. Thanks to generous contributors such as yourself, several millions are given each year for research on children’s cancer, research that saves lives. »

Camilla Hobøl Korsæth, The Children’s Cancer Society