About us

Data Respons Solutions is a high-end specialist technology company that designs, develops and delivers advanced customised embedded and IoT solutions.

We have industrialised advanced and innovative technology solutions for close to 40 years and know that extreme and challenging environments place special demands on embedded & IoT solutions to ensure optimal functionality.

We are involved throughout the entire process – from specification, system architecture, HW design, software development, secure connections, test and qualification to volume deliveries. We provide value added services based on specialist competence including technical support and lifecycle management and are involved in next generation studies.

  • 83 Employees
  • 1986 Established
  • 5 Countries
  • 9 Locations
  • 25+ Sustainable Technology Projects
About us. Image of Taipei, Taiwan in morning haze

Nordic-to-Asian value chain

We have established long-term strategic technology partnerships in Asia and offer the benefit of a comprehensive Nordic-to-Asia value chain. We cover all phases of the development and production phases. Local innovation and world-class production is the major benefit for our customers as we can deliver faster development and production time, and access to the latest technology at a reduced cost.

Presence in Asia since 2007

Data Respons Solutions has had offices in Taiwan since 2007. Our Taipei office is responsible for logistics, project management, quality assurance and sourcing and works daily with our offices in Europe as well as with our Asian partners.

Progress on time-critical processes at our Asian partners is monitored by the Taipei office on an hour-by-hour basis to ensure that no issue occurs that will affect delivery performance.

Our values


    We strive to have an open-minded, inclusive and learning based attitude and culture.


    By taking responsibility, we mean helping our colleagues, getting involved, showing enthusiasm and being loyal.


    Having an underlying will to succeed in everything we do. Desire to acquire new knowledge and exploring new ways to achieve our aim to be the best at what we do.


    Having an underlying will to succeed in everything we do. In our company, crazy, non-standard ideas are valued. A good laugh and a sense of humour brings energy.