The fact that we have designed and industrialised thousands of embedded systems and solutions has given us valuable insight in picking the right technology for any given case.

Our Value Added Services

Young Engineer working on custom solution

Custom design

Data Respons Solutions will support you through every stage of the design, development and manufacturing process – from prototyping to volume or serial delivery.

We offer support with:

• Requirements management
• Selection of central components
• Design/development of customised HW/SW
• Selection of suppliers
• Certification of prototypes
• Acceptance test
• Documentation
• Project management

Choice of technology:

•    Operating systems
•    Software architecture
•    Hardware platform
•    Processor architecture
•    Memory and data storage
•    Data communication and I/O
•    Dis
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Supply Chain Management. Two people looking at digital global distribution map

Supply Chain Management

Adapting quickly to changes in market conditions, demand fluctuations, and disruptions, ensures business resilience.

Efficient supply chain management requires a strategic approach that considers the entire life cycle of a product or service. We can help our customers with supply chain efficiency, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge in the market.





Rugged design

In harsh, challenging environments, computer devices must have special qualities in order to function optimally. This is particularly important when the system has to meet the requirements of classification companies.

Data Respons Solutions develops intelligent solutions for use in extreme environments, combining cost-effective hardware and software with embedded computer solutions from leading partners.




Pre-compliance testing

Running into test problems at an accredited lab can be a very costly affair. Detecting, eliminating and fixing compliance issues at an early stage can not only reduce your costs and time to market, it can improve your chances of passing fully accredited certification tests.

We have the necessary equipment for pre-compliance testing in accordance to customer functionality.

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