Transparency helps  builds mutual trust and we are committed to transparent communication with all our stakeholders.

ESG resources list

All our policies, reports, quality documents and links can be downloaded from the  list below. 
ESG resources list with Image of front page annual report 2022

ESG report 2022

Download our 2022 ESG report.
This is The Data Respons groups fourth comprehensive ESG-report, covering the fiscal year 2022. The ESG report has been prepared in line with EU directives on mandatory annual disclosures of non-financial information. It is inspired by the GRI framework for sustainability reporting and Data Respons’ carbon mapping has been externally assured by Cemasys. The ESG report has not been reviewed by a third party.

Download 2022 ESG report here
Compliance. Transparency Act DD Report

Transparency Act DD report 2022

 Download the Transparency Act DD report.
Norway’s Trancsparency Act ame into force on July 1, 2022.  The Act applies to larger enterprises that are resident in Norway and that offer goods and services in or outside Norway and to larger foreign enterprises that offer goods and services in Norway, and that are liable to tax to Norway pursuant to internal Norwegian legislation.

Our work with the Transparency Act will be continuous in the coming years as both risks and measures will change in line with societal developments and the information we receive from, among others, our employees, our suppliers, and other business relationships.

Download Transparency Act DD report