Industrial Network and Communication Solutions

Our Industrial Network and Communication Solutions (NCS) are pivotal for efficient data transmission in industrial environments. They encompass various technologies such as Ethernet, wireless connections, and specialized protocols tailored for applications in areas like factory automation, energy generation, and logistics. These solutions facilitate the integration of machinery and sensors, enhancing process control and amplifying efficiency within industrial operations.

Industrial Network and Communication Solutions – Why Choose us?

  • Rapid Proof of concept & Time-To-Market

    Local presence and strategic partnerships reduce the overall time-to-market

  • Complete Lifecycle Support

    Access to the primary area for embedded technology in the world, highly skilled expertise and working with different industries drives our innovation.

  • Scalability for a Global Market

    Close and long-term relationships with our customers, partners and Nordic Operations Centre ensure cost savings and an Asian high-volume production set-up provides a better cost-benefit ratio.

  • Customisation & Industrialisation

    High-level project management and quality assurance measures, tried-and-tested industrial computer products and the expertise our customers need ensures top quality.

Smart & Efficient Network and Communication Solutions

  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Edge & Cloud Solutions
  • OT Security Solutions
  • Network Peripheral Solutions
  • Rugged portable comm. Units and Routers
  • SoC Capability & S/W Services
  • Network Appliances (2U /4U)