Panel PCs and Displays

Robustness, flexibility and reliability mean that our intelligent industrial panel PCs and displays can be used for a wide range of industrial applications. These include areas such as industrial and process automation, machine integration or digital signage applications.
In addition, multi-touch functionality, IP65 or IP66 conformity and industry-specific certification options play a decisive role.

Maximize the efficiency of your application with advanced Human Machine Interfaces

  • Extremely robust and reliable

    We offer high-quality panel PCs and displays for industry that are reliable and robust even in harsh environments such as vibration, dust, humidity and temperature fluctuations. This reliability ensures continuous performance and minimises downtime.

  • Flexible Display Sizes

    We provide access to the full range of 4:3 and 16:9 LCD solutions, which we tailor precisely to the requirements of your project and the existing infrastructure. This enables customised solutions for various HMI applications such as factory, ship and building/home automation.

  • Extended connectivity options

    To ensure seamless integration into existing networks and systems, we customise the range of interfaces to meet your individual needs. Whether data exchange interfaces USB HDMI, VGA or DisplayPort or industrial communication interfaces (Ethernet (LAN), RS-232/RS-485, CAN bus, WLAN, Bluetooth).

  • Highest performance and usability

    The integration of touchscreen technology enables user-friendly operation and fast interaction in real time. This is crucial for controlling machines, monitoring processes and fast data entry in industrial environments.

Full Custom Panel PC & Display Solutions for your industrial application

  • Embedded & IoT Panel-PCs
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) Panel-PCs
  • Medical Panel-PCs & Displays
  • Maritime Panel-PCs & Displays
  • Military Grade HMI Solutions
  • Public Transportation & Infotainment Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • High-Brightness / Ultra-HD 4K Displays
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Why choose us?

  • Speed icon

    Customised HMI, Panel PC and Display Solutions based on high-end products and components shorten the overall time to market.

  • Innovation icon

    Access to the full range of Industrial PPCs, Applied Panel PCs and Open Frame solutions combined with highly qualified expertise and collaboration with various industries maximises the innovation potential of your application.

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    Cost improvements

    Close and long-term relationships with our customers, partners and Nordic Operations Centre ensure cost savings and an Asian high-volume production set-up provides a better cost-benefit ratio.

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    Certification & Test

    We offer certified embedded panels and displays for various industrial sectors such as medical technology, industrial automation, transport, defence and the maritime industry that meet specific safety and reliability standards.