Tablet PCs & Handhelds

Our multifunctional Industrial Tablet PCs, Handhelds and rugged mobile computing solutions offer extensive connectivity, shock and vibration resistance, and ease of use for industrial applications such as logistics, machine and process automation, and building management.

Why Choose us?

  • Medical tablets and handhelds

    Specially developed devices for use in healthcare and medical facilities. They fulfil specific hygiene and safety standards and can be used, for example, for patient information or to monitor medical data.

  • Extreme Rugged tablets and handhelds

    These are designed for use in demanding environments where shock resistance, waterproofing and durable construction are important, such as manufacturing, construction or logistics.

  • Field service tablets and handhelds

    Designed for field service and maintenance use to provide technicians and service personnel with access to information, instructions and tools to perform repairs or maintenance in the field.

  • Logistics and warehouse handhelds

    These devices are often used in warehouses and logistics centres to track inventory flow, manage stock, monitor deliveries and process orders.

Rugged mobile computing solutions for industrial environments

  • Rugged handhelds. tablets & laptops
  • Medical handhelds and tablet PCs
  • Outdoor-capable handhelds and tablets
  • Industrial barcode scanner handhelds
  • Windows & Android based mobile computers

Why Choose us?

  • Speed icon

    Customised rugged tablets, laptops and industrial handhelds based on high-end products and components shorten the overall time to market.

  • Innovation icon

    Access to the latest technologies of Windows & Android based mobile computing in combination with highly qualified expertise and cooperation with various industries maximises the innovation potential of your application.

  • Cost improvement icon
    Scalability for a Global Market

    Close and long-term relationships with our customers, partners and Nordic Operations Centre ensure cost savings and an Asian high-volume production set-up provides a better cost-benefit ratio.

  • Quality icon
    Ruggedness and performance

    Designed specifically for industrial applications, our rugged handheld computers combine versatile data capture and connectivity options with maximum ease of use and reliability