Made for customisation

We use existing platforms and components from leading manufacturers and adapt them perfectly to your requirements. This reduces your risk and shortens the time to market. This minimizes development and consulting costs. Data Respons Solutions works closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of Computer-on-Module solutions and provides comprehensive advice on module selection for your application.

All Types of Computer-on-Module Standards


    The COM HPC (High Performance Computing) Module Standard defines the specifications and interfaces for integrating high performance computing resources into various applications and systems.

  • COM Express

    The COM Express Module Standard defines the specifications for computer-on-modules used in embedded systems to enable a flexible and scalable hardware platform.

  • SMARC 2.0

    The SMARC (Smart Mobility ARChitecture) computer module standard defines the specifications for compact, energy-efficient computer modules used in various applications, especially mobile and embedded systems.

  • Qseven

    The Qseven computer module standard defines the specifications for compact and high-performance computer modules that are widely used in embedded systems and IoT applications.

Why choose us?

  • Speed icon
    Reduced costs

    The costs for development and the end product are drastically lower compared to a complete customized development. This applies to the entire life cycle of the product

    – Lower development costs
    – Lower product costs
    – Lower costs for life cycle management

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    Decreased risks

    Access to the primary area for embedded technology in the world, highly skilled expertise and working with different industries drives our innovation.

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    Increased flexibility

    Close and long-term relationships with our customers, partners and Nordic Operations Centre ensure cost savings and an Asian high-volume production set-up provides a better cost-benefit ratio.

  • Quality icon

    High-level project management and quality assurance measures, tried-and-tested industrial computer products and the expertise our customers need ensures top quality.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Faster time to market
  • Lower development costs
  • Scalable product range
  • Faster response to new market requirements
  • Minimised inventory costs

Customised carrier boards from a single source

We offer full access to robust, compact, low-power carrier boards of the highest industrial quality. In addition to our standard CoM solutions, Data Respons Solutions is able to develop customised baseboard solutions for you. If your project requires a custom carrier board, our team of experienced engineers will provide you with a high quality carrier board at a competitive price.
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