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Data Respons Solutions has developed and delivered innovative custom embedded & IoT- solutions and provided Value Added engineering Services for almost 40 years.


Industries are becoming increasingly connected and collaborative so being flexible, open to new ideas and adapt to new technologies, processes, tools and environments are key in order to develop and sustain a competitive advantage.

For our customers this value brings:

Adaptability and resilience
Industries are constantly evolving; adaptability and resilience is crucial. Our cross-industry knowledge provides us with a competitive advantage and enables us to adapt more quickly to changing market conditions and business landscapes.

Stimulates innovation
Creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation are increasingly valued in today’s competitive landscape. Thinking outside the box and approaching challenges from different angles bring new perspectives to development projects. It can both drive and stimulate innovation, enhance competitiveness, and lead to improved performance and growth opportunities for our customers.

Mitigates risks
Understanding how different industries operate and the challenges they each face can help mitigate risks. Learning from both successful and failed projects allow us to proactively identify potential risks and take preventative measures. In short it promotes a broader understanding of risk factors and enables more informed decision-making and brings further value to our customers.

Sustainable benefits
Cross-industry knowledge can contribute to the development of sustainable solutions that benefit customers and the environment. Practices from industries focused on sustainability, such as renewable energy or waste management, can be adopted by other sectors to create sustainable products, reduce environmental impact, and meet the growing demand for sustainable alternatives.


What some of our customers say

People depositing bottles and cans at a reverse vending machine station

Data Respons Solutions has throughout our cooperation delivered innovative, customised solutions for our 24/7 operated recycling stations. The high support level delivered by Data Respons Solutions enabled us to create an advanced and reliable solution for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Per Henriksen, Head of Deposit Technology Dansk Retursystem

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We chose Data Respons Solutions because we needed a flexible gateway that could fit nearly all our products, cope with harsh environments, and connect globally. We needed a partner who understood our need for flexibility and that could provide the right technical solution for it.

Tuomas Martinkallio, Director, Digitalisation Kalmar Mobile Solutions

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Image of the iDOL65-camera

Data Respons Solutions was able to provide us with the right item at the right price. The iDOL 65 runs on an ARM single board computer, an IMX8-based NXP system with an Intel based camera solution with sufficient headroom for future upgrades. Data Respons Solutions did such a good job, and we are very pleased to work with them.

Kartheeban Nagenthiraja, CEO dol-sensors

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Solid Industry Experience

  • Defence Tech Icon
    Defence Technology

    We have extensive know-how and experience with R&D development in this sector including military standards, environmental stress factors, security and government requirements. Our customers are leading global companies that supply turn-key systems to various sections of the defence industry and armed forces.

  • Automotive & Mobility Tech

    We provide specialised development services and high-tech solutions for leading companies in the transport and automotive industry. With our extensive experience, we develop smart, connected, and digital software and hardware solutions that drive the ongoing transformation of the automotive industry and enhance efficiency in logistics.

  • Health tech Icon
    Health Tech

    Developing devices and systems within the medical and life sciences requires an understanding of and experience in living up to tough criteria on EMC/ESD designs, as well as certification and documentation in compliance with government regulations. Data Respons Solutions has delivered several certified systems, applications, and simulation equipment to leading players in the Medtech industry.

  • Maritime Tech

    The Maritime Technology sector is undergoing a transformative voyage into a digitally enhanced era. Evolving from traditional practices to embrace cutting-edge technology, this industry is revolutionizing vessel operations, safety, and efficiency. As a key contributor, Data Respons Solutions stands as a forefront partner, harnessing innovation to deliver advanced solutions that redefine the maritime landscape, ensuring safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced seafaring experiences.

  • Offshore Tech

    As a Norwegian-based company, offshore technology solutions are ingrained in our heritage. Specialising in intelligent edge computing and IoT, our aim is to revolutionise offshore operations by prioritising advancements in efficiency, connectivity, and safety. We are committed to leading the industry towards a more advanced and secure future.

  • Industry Tech

    Data Respons Solutions leads the charge in the Smart Factory era, partnering with clients to pioneer innovative solutions across smarter robotics, sensor-based systems, and cloud-based software. This collaborative approach revolutionizes production, automation, and product quality, while driving cost-efficiency.

  • TMT Industry

    As a niche supplier of specialist development and test services we provide you support throughout the entire value chain in developing next generation networks (e.g. 5G and cellular IoT) and leverage new service opportunities from these networks.

  • Aquaculture Icon
    Aquaculture Tech

    Our smart edge computing and IoT solutions for aquaculture offer the potential for increased efficiency and sustainability in the industry. By integrating cutting-edge technology, we are driving a new era of efficient, connected and environmentally conscious aquaculture operations.

  • Energy / Cleantech

    Amidst the dynamic landscape of Energy & Cleantech, innovation takes center stage. The fusion of digitalization, renewable energy sources, and sustainable technologies represents a pivotal point in reshaping the global energy sector. In this realm, Data Respons Solutions plays a vital role, leveraging expertise to pioneer groundbreaking solutions and drive the industry towards a greener future.

Customised Design & Development

Data Respons Solutions has in-depth industry know-how and  40 years’ experience in developing software, smarter IoT and embedded solutions certified for extreme and challenging environments.

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