Stakeholders increasingly expect companies to operate responsibly and contribute to societal well-being.

Social Impact Initiatives are important to us for several reasons.  We believe that contributing positively in our community helps foster a more sustainable and responsible business environment. We are certain that Social Impact Initiatives demonstrates a commitment to our values that goes beyond financial success and can contribute to higher work satisfaction. The UN SDG’s form the basis of our initiatives.


Social Impact Initiatives. Employees walking in the woods

Exercise for something greater than ourselves and for the benefit of others.


Our employees initiate, organise and participate in a series of sporting events throughout the year to support local charities and organisations.  Many of these events are low-threshold events that everyone can participate in. For every event they complete, we make a donation to a charity  or organisation.

Data Respons Solutions is a health aware and health promoting company that encourages and enables exercise and physical activity for all employees whether it be at or outside the workplace.  We take our QHSE targets seriously, and our goal is at least 85 % participation in physical activity and a sick leave of max 2.5 %.

Icon imagae of SDG 3 Good health and well-being

Our values


    We strive to have an open-minded, inclusive and learning based attitude and culture.


    By taking responsibility, we mean helping our colleagues, getting involved, showing enthusiasm and being loyal.


    Having an underlying will to succeed in everything we do. Desire to acquire new knowledge and exploring new ways to achieve our aim to be the best at what we do.


    Having an underlying will to succeed in everything we do. In our company, crazy, non-standard ideas are valued. A good laugh and a sense of humour brings energy.