Move for Charity donations in 2021

MoveforCharity 2021

Through #MoveForCharity our employees exercise for something greater than themselves and for the benefit of others.

Our employees initiate, organise and participate in a series of sporting events throughout the year to support local charities and organisations.  Many of these events are low-threshold events that everyone can participate in. For every event they complete, we make a donation to a charity  or organisation.

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The following charitable organisations received support

Move for Charity 2023. Portrait of a young man.

Thank you so much for your wonderful effort through Move for Charity. We have had, and still have, some very tough years. There are now more children and young people who are having a difficult time mentally than ever before. Your support will give more young children people to talk to, and will save lives. We rely on support from donors like you to keep us going and really appreciate this initiative.

Line Toft
Communications & Fundraising Manager, Mental Health Youth