Meet Honeymol Mathew

Honeymol Mathew is an engineering work student at Data Respons Solutions in Karlsruhe.

Honeymol Mathew has worked at Data Respons Solutions in Germany for almost a year now. We asked her what it has been like working for us as an engineering student.

Which work experience did you have before you joined Data Respons Solutions?

When I was in India I worked as an Electrical CAD engineer and service coordinator. After I came to Germany I worked as student research engineer at the KIT in PCB design and manufacturing.

How did you get into engineering?

Becoming an engineer is both fun and challenging. I gained some relevant work experience through internships and other work-study programs, and network with other engineers. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I did a training in electrical CADD. Then I did a masters in the power electronics. After completing my course, I found a job as service engineer.

When did you know that this was what you wanted to do?

I selected my sector long before I started my bachelor’s degree.

What motivates you?

The working environment and the sharing of knowledge and experience are the best things to keep me driven.

— For me, the team and my work environment are the most important factors that keep me motivated and driven every day.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I’m working on the design of JTAG adapter board, that can be used for our latest Q7 carrier board. The carrier board consist of Net X 90, Microchip smartFusion2 FPGA, updated connector pin out.

Why would you recommend someone to work at Data Respons Solutions?

We have a great team of colleagues here, which makes it very easy to start working every day. In addition, the offices are very modern and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, you can learn a lot by working with experienced personnel.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

In my limited free time, I like to study to broaden my horizon, take long walks, and do some yoga.

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