CompactPCI Prozessor-Blade – cPCI-6636 Serie

6U CompactPCI 6th/7th Gen Intel® Xeon® E3 and Core™ i3/i7 Processor Blade

6U CompactPCI Prozessor-Blade – cPCI-6636 Serie


ThecPCI-6636 Series is a 6U CompactPCI® processor blade based on the 6th/7th Generation Intel® Xeon® E3 and Intel® Core™ i3/i7 Processors with Intel® HM170 or CM236 Chipsets. The cPCI-6636 supports up to 16GB onboard DDR4-2133 memory and 16GB DDR4-2133 via SODIMM. Total memory capacity is up to 32GB of DDR4-2133. The cPCI-6636 is a highly integrated processor blade fit for mission critical applications in industries ranging from automation to defence.

The cPCI-6636 is positioned as the successor to ADLINK’s cPCI-6626 and cPCI-6525 in terms of I/O and feature set. The cPCI-6636 provides a 2.8x performance boost over the 2nd gen Core™ i7 (cPCI-6626) and 30% performance boost over 3rd gen Core™ i7 (cPCI-6525). Graphics features include 3 symmetric independent displays, 3D HW acceleration, DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4, and H.265 HW decode/encode. The cPCI-6636 achieves 2.7x graphics score improvement over the 3rd gen Core™ i7 (cPCI-6525).

The cPCI-6636 Series supports flexible I/O interfaces. Faceplate I/O for the cPCI-6636 (4HP) includes 2x GbE supported by an Intel® i219LM PHY controller and Intel® i210IT Ethernet controller, 3x USB 3.0, 1x RJ-45 serial port, and 1x DVI-I. Onboard I/O includes one 2.5″ SATA drive space, one 7-pin SATA connector, and one CFast slot by adapter board. The cPCI-6636D (8HP) has identical I/O to the single-slot version, except that an XMC connector via PCIe x8 adapter board is supported in place of the CFast slot. A third configuration, the cPCI-6636DZ (8HP), supports 8x USB 3.0, 2x GbE, 6x serial TX/RX and 2x VGA on the faceplate, and the same onboard I/O as the cPCI-6636D.

Rear I/O signals are available on cPCI-6636 and cPCI-6636D which are equipped with CompactPCI J3 and J5 connectors. Available to the RTM are up to 2x GbE to J3 by Intel® I210IT Ethernet controllers for PICMG 2.16, and an additional 2x GbE switchable to rear from the front panel for a total of up to 4x Ethernet to rear J3 and J5. Also available are 1x VGA to J3, 1x TMDS to J5, 2x SATA 1.5 Gb/s to J3, 1x SATA 1.5 Gb/s to J5, 6x USB 2.0 to J3, 10x GPIO to J3 and J5, HDA and KB/MS to J3, and serial ports to J5. For PCIe expansion, the cPCI-6636 offers one PCIe x4 or 4x PCIe x1 to J5.


Technical Specifications

  • Supports 6th/7th Gen Intel® Xeon® E3 and Intel® Core™ i3/i7 processor
  • Up to 32GB DDR4-2133 memory, soldered and SO-DIMM, optional ECC
  • XMC support
  • Up to 8x USB 3.0, 6x RS-232(TX/RX)
  • Up to 4x GbE to rear I/O
  • TPM2.0 and BIOS protection
  • SEMA 3.5 support

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