Customised Rugged 1/2 19” Vehicle Computer Solution

1U vehicle Computer with Core i7 CPU, Dual DVI-D, Dual GIG-LAN, USB and RS232 SWaP*-optimized Vehicle Computer with MIL-DTL-38999 or ODU Threaded Connectors
Customised Rugged 1/2 19” Vehicle Computer Solution


Our COTS/MOTS computers combine a small form factor, high performance, and a rich array of I/O interfaces specifically designed for demanding Vetronics applications in harsh environments. These computers are engineered to be utilized in various configurations, whether mounted in half 19″ cabinets, side-by-side within 19″ cabinets, or as standalone units.

Featuring optional configurations that include NGVA/GVA connector schemes, they offer a level of flexibility to cater to individual requirements. Their robust construction ensures reliable performance even under extreme conditions.

With their versatility and rugged characteristics, our COTS/MOTS computers are the ideal choice for Vetronics applications where a blend of performance, adaptability, and reliability is essential.

Main Features:
  • Intel® Core™ Gen 9 Processors, <32GB RAM, and <2TB SSD Storage
  • Dual DVI-D, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0/3.0, COM, and GPIO
  • Optional CANbus Interfaces
  • MIL-DTL-38999 or ODU Threaded Connectors
  • GORE™ Membrane Vent and M6 Grounding Bolt
  • IP-sealed, Conduction Cooled design
  • ½ 19” / 1U Small Form Factor (WxH 220 x 44 mm)
  • 28VDC (11-33VDC) Power Supply tested to MIL-STD-1275 & MIL-STD-704
  • Designed to Meet MIL-STD-810 (Environmental) and MIL-STD-461 (EMI)
  • Designed and Manufactured by Data Respons Solutions AS (Norway)
  • White-label or Branded with your company Logo, Label, and Identity
  • *SWaP – Size, Weight and Power optimized


  • COTS/MOTS Computer with Small Form Factor, High Performance, and Rich I/O
  • Designed for Harsh Environment Vetronics applications
  • Optional configuration include NGVA/GVA Connector scheme
  • Mounts in Half 19” Cabinet, Side-by-Side in 19” Cabinet, or Stand Alone
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