Deposit & Return System

Deposit & return system for bottles and cans that ensures reliable operations 24/7.

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Deposit & Return System. A customised and trustworthy PC based central control system that ensures reliable operations 24/7.

Dansk Retursystem (DRS) is a circular company that manages a world class recycling system which retrieves, counts and sorts empty cans and bottles. An impressive 90 % is sent for recycling. Nearly 3000 stores throughout Denmark have reverse vending machines, where you can return all deposit-marked bottles and cans.



A close partnership

Over the years, Dansk Retursystem and Data Respons Solutions has developed a close partnership. Our partnership started back in 2009 when Dansk Retursystem published a public bid for a PC based Central Control system to enhance the capability of recycling systems in Danish supermarkets, while keeping an attractive cost level.  Data Respons Solutions has since then delivered several thousand systems to be used in shops and malls all over Denmark and have since have gone on to deliver multiple generations of the solution.

A custom solution

The Central Control System is essential to both user experience and transaction trustworthiness 24/7. The systems operational reliability is vital for our customer. The customer specified the functionality of a complete solution. Cabinet, industrial PC, switch with PoE, power supplies, IO system, LTE connection, cables and Operating System were to be delivered fully assembled and tested. Furthermore, a 15″ industrial class operator display with touch was required for each system.

As there was no readily available system that fulfilled the customer’s needs in the market, Data Respons Solutions customised a proven design of a fanless Industrial PC as the heart of the system. By using a proven design as basis for a customised system in combination with our skilled system architects, we were able to achieve the following goals:

  • Tight control and low R&D development costs
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Deliver a fully complied solution as per customer specifications – even exceeding them in some cases

Data Respons Solutions seek to engage in customer development projects, such as Dansk Retursystem’s solution, that has a positive impact on both the environment and our customers businesses, especially those making the world greener, stronger, smarter and equal.

– Data Respons Solution has throughout our cooperation delivered innovative, customised solutions for our 24/7 operated recycling stations. The high support level delivered by Data Respons Solutions enabled us to create an advanced and reliable solution for the benefit of our customers and the environment, says Per Henriksen, Head of Deposit Technology at Dansk Retursystem.

Illustration of the Cabinet, industrial PC, switch with PoE, power supplies, IO system, LTE connection