Digitalising First Aid Training

Rugged and wireless handheld controller (SimPad PLUS) and Manikin Control Unit (Link Box PLUS) used in a medical training system.

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Digitalising First Aid Training.

Data Respons Solutions has developed a wireless handheld controller (SimPad PLUS) and Manikin Control Unit (Link Box PLUS) used in a medical training system for customer Laerdal Medical.


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Laerdal Medical is a major international manufacturer of medical equipment and medical training products based in Stavanger, Norway. Their mission is to help save lives through medical technology.

Data Respons Solutions has worked with Laerdal Medical for nearly a decade, delivering IoT solutions, including more than 40 000 wireless handheld controllers, used to simulate training scenarios and various control units placed inside the simulator.

The digital first aid training system enables high quality education and training for all levels of medical staff and students in medical institutions worldwide. The solution helps save lives as hospital staff and students are trained in a safe, yet realistic and practical environment and ensure up-to-date training material through the cloud solution.


SimPad PLUS –  a rugged wireless handheld controller

Our customer wanted a rugged wireless handheld controller and Manikin control unit, LinkBox PLUS, for their patient simulators. Training material and simulations needed to be accessible through connectivity with the cloud. The SimPad PLUS also had to deliver on tough EMC/ESD design criteria, as well as certification and documentation in compliance with government regulations.

We contributed with full hardware development of both units as well as the firmware securing connectivity between the mannequin and the tablet. Additionally, sister company Data Respons R&D Services has helped Laerdal Medical explore new ways wireless technology can optimise their products’ user-friendliness.


One of most the rewarding things in working with Laerdal is to take part of their vision to help saving lives – from premature simulators to pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care providers, says Terje Jensvik, Technical Manager, Data Respons Solutions

Our role and contribution:
  • Customisation of HW & SW from idea/concept to delivery / production for handheld
  • PC Support and maintenance
  • Life-cycle management
  • Test and verification
  • Global shipment management from Taiwan
Our role and contribution:
    • Hardware: Rugged & customised handheld platform
    • Software: Low-level and middle-layer code and
      API for easy SW development on handheld ARM CPU
    • Connectivity: IoT enabled solution through WiFi / BT
    • AI enabled features
Key selling factors
      • Multidisciplinary capabilities (HW/SW)
      • Embedded HW/SW experience and track-record
      • Life Cycle Management capability
      • Past customer relationship
      • Partner network for development and production (Taiwan)


Illustration of how all products communicate

Illustration of how the SimPad PLUS and LinkBox PLUS communicates.

The SimPad PLUS is an operating device used to control Laerdal Medicals manikins and simulators

The LinkBox PLUS is the manikin control unit and sits inside the manikin

The SkillGuide for QCPR manikins enhances the ability to measure, track and improve CPR skills.

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