5 sustainable technology projects

One of Data Respons Solutions’ key environmental targets is to have at least 20 sustainable technology projects part of our customer portfolio.

We believe that new technology is a key enabler to sustainability and strive to explore projects that contributes in making the world greener, stronger, smarter, and more equal.


We seek to engage in customer development projects that has a positive impact on both the environment and our customers businesses. Many of our projects contribute through the innovation of smarter and greener technology solutions that leaves a lasting sustainable footprint.


Here is 5 Sustainable technology projects

Embedded Passenger information displays

Design and development of a series of customised outdoor and indoor embedded passenger information displays for Norwegian customer BaneNor.

The information displays inform passengers about train arrivals and departures. Form-fit-function ensures integration with existing infrastructure and software. Frame Agreement on hardware throughout the products life cycles.

Smart seat occupancy solution

Smart seat occupancy solution for Danish customer Attensys.io that benefits train operators, passengers, train maintainers and train service planners.

The smart seat captures seat occupancy data, enabling passengers to view and book available seats through the train operators’ seat reservation system. The solutions allow operators to maximise train usage and improve seat maintenance. The APP can remind passengers if they have left something behind.

Autonomous Driving Solution

Embedded vehicle computer for traffic systems such as public transportation, railway, trucks, and cars to support autonomous driving.

Energy efficiency through digitalisation

Data Respons Solutions has helped Wärtsila company Eniram with rugged solutions for both passenger ships and industrial vessels throughout several life cycles.

The solution collects data from the sensors on the ships, enabling top-down situational awareness, a fleet-wide approach and operational and technical performance. We are proud to be able to support Eniram, who empowers their customers to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Eniram’s solutions helps cut emissions that are harmful to the environment by optimising energy emissions on cruise ships, tankers, container ships, LNG & bulk carriers.