Sustainable technology projects 2023

One of Data Respons Solutions’ key environmental targets is to have at least 20 sustainable technology projects part of our customer portfolio.

We believe that new technology is a key enabler to sustainability and strive to explore projects that contributes in making the world greener, stronger, smarter, and more equal.


We seek to engage in customer development projects that has a positive impact on both the environment and our customers businesses. Many of our projects contribute through the innovation of smarter and greener technology solutions that leaves a lasting sustainable footprint.


Two Sustainable Technology Projects from 2023

Three similar white trucks on the road

Fuel-efficiency and energy-independent eco driving platform

Fuel-efficiency and energy-independent eco driving platform that enables plan fuel reduction costs with up to 15%.

The solution measures excess fuel/energy consumption, i.e. the proportion of total energy consumption that drivers can affect by how they drive. The energy-independent solution enables the fleet to be in a single system, regardless energy source (diesel, HVO, LPG, biogas, hybrid or electric).

Shaft power limitation system

Maritime certified system that uses a shaft power acquisition module to continuously monitor, record, and display the instantaneous power being developed at the vessel propulsion shaft when the engine shaft is connected to the customers shaft power meter.

The solution follows the EEDI requirements relating to CO2 emissions for ships over 400 gross tonnages.

Shaft Power Limitation System

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