• custom development

    Custom development

Custom development

Data Respons supports customers at every stage of design, development and manufacturing – from prototyping to mass production.
Embedded solutions must be tailored to each individual customer, and Data Respons delivers its knowledge under final responsibility, from design and manufacturing to certification and high-volume manufacturing. We can accelerate your development time from idea to end product.


Why Data Respons:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Cost-efficient R&D
  • Close to the Customer
  • All this allows you to concentrate on your core competencies

We offer support with:

  • Requirements management
  • Selection of central components
  • Design/development of customized HW/SW
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Certification of prototypes
  • acceptance test
  • documentation
  • project management

Choice of technology:

  • operating systems
  • software architecture
  • hardware platform
  • processor architecture
  • memory and data storage
  • Data communication and I/O
  • Display and Touch

Smarter customised solutions

Data Respons develops and delivers custom solutions by combining
engineering services with standard embedded computer products from leading partners.
We are involved throughout the entire process, from specification and development to volume deliveries and next generation issues.
  • Specification


  • Manufacturing, testing & delivery

    Manufacturing, testing & delivery 

  • custom development

    Custom development

  • Strong partners 

  • Next Generation