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Tell us your requirements and we will help you to develop a solution tailored to your framework conditions.
Regardless of the environment in which your product has to operate, the given spatial dimensions and the standards to be met, we can help you with:



  • Interfaces
  • Functionality
  • Processor power
  • Performance requirements
  • Standards
  • Official requirements
  • Production cost target
  • Life cycle management


No matter in which environment your equipment has to operate and which standards or regulatory requirements have to be met, we can help you.

  • Salt Mist: IEC 60945, MIL-STD 810E
  • Vibration resistance: MIL-STD-810E, MIL-STD 901D
  • Humidity: IP 68, MIL-STD 810E
  • Vibration: MIL-STD-167-1, IEC 60945, EN 50155
  • Temperature: IEC 60945, IEC 60068-2-X

Extreme environmental conditions:

In environments where humidity, vibration, temperature fluctuations, shocks and salt fog are a problem, each computer equipment must have very specific characteristics.

  • Humidity
  • Height
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Salt spray
  • Shock resistance
  • Wetness
  • EMC

Smarter customised solutions

Data Respons develops and delivers custom solutions by combining
engineering services with standard embedded computer products from leading partners.
We are involved throughout the entire process, from specification and development to volume deliveries and next generation issues.
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