32” / 46” Public Information Displays for indoor & outdoor applications

Customised Full HD 32” and 46” public information displays for outdoor applications in public areas




The 32” and 46” public information displays from Data Respons Solutions are designed for outdoor applications in public areas. The displays can operate 24/7 in harsh environments whilst maintaining excellent picture quality.

The powerful built-in player is supported by all common operating platforms including MS Windows and Linux.

Connectivity with central equipment is handled by multiple optional interfaces such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE.

The PID’s can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and can be customised for each installation.

With its modular design makes it easily serviceable for technical personnel operating the PID installation.

Main Features:
  • Full HD, sunlight readable LCD display Automatic backlight intensity control
  • Powerful player platform supporting Linux & Windows
  • All-weather design for outdoor usage
  • 24/7 / 365 and long-life usage
  • System health monitoring
  • Optional secondary display
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Optical bonding for optimal picture quality
  • Designed to present modern content for passengers, visitors & other public places
  • Content sources include HTML5,
  • Java Script, Video sequences etc. as well as streaming.
  • Multiple interfaces enable data communication via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE.
  • Robust and service friendly design

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