Sustainable technology projects 2022

One of Data Respons Solutions’ key environmental targets is to have at least 20 sustainable technology projects part of our customer portfolio.

We believe that new technology is a key enabler to sustainability and strive to explore projects that contributes in making the world greener, stronger, smarter, and more equal.


We seek to engage in customer development projects that has a positive impact on both the environment and our customers businesses. Many of our projects contribute through the innovation of smarter and greener technology solutions that leaves a lasting sustainable footprint.


Here is 5 Sustainable technology projects

Hospital nurse putting on surgical gown.

Advanced textile RFID solution

Advanced RFID solution for managing textile inventory and optimising laundry processes.

The solution transforms RFID data into interactive dashboards and reports, providing business intelligence via a comprehensive and real-time overview of scrubs and textile inventory. The solution is developed for healthcare and work-ware end users and encourages employees to change clothes more often, improving cleanliness, hygiene, and well-being. Patients benefit from a more hygienic environment, reducing the risk of contamination.

Automated weight monitoring solution

Automated weight monitoring solution for livestock using AI.

The solution provides daily, routinely weight monitoring of farm livestock and lets farmers know the exact value and performance at pen and individual level. Access to daily weight and weight gain is key for optimising feeding and shipping strategy.

Livestock farmers and integrators struggle to optimise their management strategy due to lacking weight parameter. This solution allows the farmer to monitor daily weight and weight gain, optimise sorting strategy, identify low performers, forecast slaughter weight, and identify slaughter-ready animals, making production more cost efficient, effective, and sustainable.

Introducing 3D pig TV

Public transportation information system

Information system for public transportation used in passenger information displays and passenger voice announcement systems.

The system is located outdoors on railway stations and platforms and enables the customer to share real time information about any delays with passengers.

Being able to plan a journey and ensuring that your choice of transportation is on time is vital for travellers making their journey both faster and safer.

Blue blurry bus

Public transportation IT system

Onboard passenger information displays that enables the customer to share information with the passengers on the bus.

Public transportation users expect a quality of service. In case of delays or cancellations, they need real time information to re-plan, if necessary, how to arrive at their intended destination.

Woman holding phone displaying the whereabouts of car in car sharing app

Urban electric car sharing

Electric car sharing without the cost, commitment, and responsibility of owning a car. Car sharing contributes to a quieter, less polluted, and more liveable city.

Our sister company, IT Sonix, has helped us develop the platform and design the mobile app, which will roll out internationally during 2021.


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