Edge AI platforms – game changing solutions for the industry

Deep learning solutions that enable AI at the edge

Artificial Intelligence (AI) nowadays is not only an academic subject, but is moving fast towards the real world with applications in facial recognition, robotics, revolutionary analytics, disease prevention and smart city constructions. All the groundbreaking scientific progress calls for acceleration in machine-learning (ML) and deep-learning (DL) training, and the increasing adoption of GPUs will satisfy the thirst for tremendous computing power.


Together with our strong network of leading partners in the industry, we are committed to delivering artificial intelligence (AI) at the Edge with its architecture-optimised Edge AI platforms. Featuring heterogeneous computing architecture, the Edge AI platforms integrate hardware acceleration in deep learning (DL) workloads, high performance per watt and end-to-end connectivity to break down information silos.


  • Industrial environmental compliance for 24/7 operation
  • Generating actionable intelligence to achieve operational improvements
  • Performance boost, and efficiency gains in manufacturing, transportation, medical, gaming, defense, smart city, and retail applications.
As a complete technology partner for embedded and edge computing solutions, Data Respons Solutions gives you access to deep learning accelerators, edge AI platforms as well as AI training platforms and AI machine vision solutions.

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